Branto wireless smart home multipurpose system



Your home’s mind and soul. Now your home can feel, speak, entertain and protect you.



Introducing Branto smart home system designed to be your home’s mind and soul.

Branto smart home system provides security, 360 vision, communication and control of your home devices when you’re at home and away.

It is compact, portable and stylish. or the shell we use anodized aluminum with high-duty plastic to give you a beautiful robust and reliable shell.


Your eyes and ears wherever you are.
Cellular connection & embedded battery.
Night vision mode.
Immediate alerts and auto recording.

Full remote presence

360 degrees video, microphones and speakers.
On demand family video calls any time.
Tell your toddler a story from your hotel room.
Easily share videos and photos.

Music & audiobooks

Awesome stereo sound.
Smartphone/tablet remote control.
Beats Music. SoundCloud.
LED sound activated equalizer.

TV/air conditioner control

Embedded infrared controller.
Control Air Conditioner remotely.
Remote access to TV/Media-center.
Universal remote control – self-learning mode.


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