Bttn – The simplest internet user interface



Bttn is just what the name suggests: a connected push button that can trigger actions.



Your bttn, your way

Press the bttn and get your desired action done. That’s it, nothing else. Life is complex, bttn makes it simple.

You don’t need a smartphone to use bttn – it has its own mobile data or Wi-Fi connectivity. It works anywhere and everywhere.

Use your browser to set actions for your bttn. No need to download apps or install software.

Home automation

Turn the lights on, disarm the alarm, and put the coffee maker on – just push the bttn in the morning. bttn is a stand-alone solution to all your smart home needs. It has built-in connectivity so you don’t need smart phones or apps. Everyone in the family can use the bttn.

Just integrate it with IFTTT and you are ready to control smart appliances like the ones you can see below.

Family messaging

Just define what message you want to send when bttn is pressed and then give the bttn to your kids, spouse or parents. All by itself, you dont need any smartphone. Just hook it up to either Wi-fi network or insert a SIM card.

When your 6-year-old pushes the bttn, both parents receive a text message “I’ve arrived home safely, Emily (via bttn).”

Safety at home

bttn is not a panic button or an emergency device. Elderly people can press the bttn to contact children or grandchildren to indicate a need for assistance or when they wish to have e.g. Skype call. Or, it can be set up to require an active press at preset times to make sure the person is up and about.


bttn comes in 2 sizes and 4 standard colors. You can also get a fully customized cap with your own logo.

Some opinions from us at Qioto:

  • We simply love tactile buttons! I cannot stress that enough. Stick it where you need it, then just reach out and press it. No getting your phone out, unlocking, looking for the app, waiting for the app to load etc etc. (did you count how many steps?)
  • It’s excellent that you can choose between a built-in mobile data (sim card), a Wi-Fi or SIGFOX version. (no hub!)
  • We like the fact that it comes in a standard size and mini size. The outer diameter of bttn Mini is 69mm (2.71 inches) and height is 40 mm (1.57 inches). The standard bttn has an outer diameter of 100 mm (3.94 inches ) and the height is 73 mm (2.87 inches).
  • It’s good that it offers an open API, that allows programmers to integrate bttns with whatever platform they have.
  • It’s the only button we know with a rechargeable battery.
  •  A small problem is that it has two different presses only; a regular and a long press (most connected buttons offer double-click as well). However a lot of commands can be triggered by a press.
  • It’s also useful that it works with IFTTT, but we have written a post on how slow and unreliable that can be. However it also integrates with Zapier.



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