Canary Flex Cam



The first and only indoor and outdoor, weatherproof, HD security camera that can be used wire-free or plugged in.



With Canary Flex, dosen´t matter that rain or shine

Keep an eye on your home, inside and out, regardless of the conditions. Unfazed by tough weather, Canary Flex is designed to withstand rain, snow, heat, or cold.

Clear as day, even at night

HD Camera, audio, and microphone. The Canary Flex camera records remarkably crisp, HD video and audio with automatic night vision and a wide-angle lens. The viewing radius ensures your living room, nursery, backyard or porch is entirely visible with vivid clarity.

Just plug it in. Or don’t.

Extended-Life rechargeable battery. Canary Flex can go wire-free on a single charge thanks to built-in lithium-ion batteries. No wires to hide and fewer boundaries to work around — untethering unlimits the possibilities. Comes with a cutting-edge 360° magnetic swivel base. Simply stick it on a flat surface, snap into place, and twist in any direction you want.

No hubs, no hassles

Dual-band Wi-Fi technology delivers a robust signal for reliable performance. No additional hubs means no extra clutter, because every last detail was designed with you in mind.

You also can check the benefits of the Canary Membership here.




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