Egardia Smart Camera



This nightview HD camera allows you to see what’s happening at home, from anywhere.

  • automatically records live images during an alarm phase
  • instantly transmits the recordings to your mobile telephone
  • safely stores recordings for later reference
  • watch live camera images from anywhere and at any time via internet
  • nightview camera: crystal clear images, day or night
  • wireless connection: can be mounted anywhere



The Egardia Smart Camera is linked to the Egardia video service. The Egardia video service offers a professional and reliable video surveillance for just € 4,- extra per month, regardless of how many cameras are installed.

The Egardia video service can handle up to 4 separate cameras per subscription. Furthermore, the subscription is on a monthly basis so you’re not burdened with long-term contracts.

Next to an activated Egardia Alarm system, you should also have wireless internet in place to use the Egardia Smart Camera wirelessly. No wireless internet connection available? No problem, the Egardia camera will also accept a cable connection.

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