Flic – The wireless smart button



Flic is a small, wireless button you can put anywhere. It connects to your iOS or Android device and can be set up in no time. All in the click of a button.



With Flic you have unlimited possibilities

Flic is smart and simple. It has three triggers: Click, Double Click, and Hold.

Enjoy Flic integration at home. Use Flic to control and interact with a variety of devices. You can click to turn on your Philips Hue, double click to control your Sonos devices or Hold to control your WeMo devices.

Flic is your in-car assistant. Configure all your commuting need like one click to start navigation system, double click to play your favorite spotify playlist or trigger IFTTT channels and hold to hang up incoming call.

Flic helps to keep you safe. Assigning multiple functions to a single click and let your loved ones know where you are. For example you can click to set off distress alarm, send a text message to recipient and send current GPS location. Also with Flic now you can be in the picture! Use it to trigger your camera and never miss a shot and many things more.

Some opinions from us at Qioto:

  • We simply love tactile buttons! I cannot stress that enough. Stick it where you need it, then just reach out and press it. No getting your phone out, unlocking, looking for the app, waiting for the app to load etc etc. (did you count how many steps?)
  • Flic connects to your phone using Bluetooth (BLE). It’s the phone that actually sends out the commands via the Flic app. In most cases you don’t need to touch your phone, just keep it in Bluetooth range. But with iOS you do have to remember to keep the app running on the background. Some actions will not work unless you touch the notification on your phone, which is a drawback but a limitation of the operating system.
  • For the Smart Home the button connects to Philips Hue, LIFX lightbulbs, Sonos, WeMo and Logitech Harmony.
  • Some cool Smart Home scenarios we can quickly think of are house-off, which would turn off your TV, music and smart bulbs. Also think of a party scenario, where you click the button and your party lights and music come on.
  • We believe they should increase their partnerships with more Smart Home products to really unleash the power of this thing.
  • It’s also useful that it works with IFTTT, but we have written a post on how slow and unreliable that can be.
  • A similar professionally installed product that comes to mind is the Lutron Pico wireless remote which works with HomeWorks QS. An integrator can program it to control more than just lights, even though it’s not advertised. If the Flic could be programmed to control automation systems then it would be really powerful in a home automation setup.



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