Gecko Switch

Gecko Switch – Light switch Reinvented



Gecko Switch is an easy and simple light switch that can be placed anywhere by sticking it to the wall. It’s also a dimmer, timer and delayed off.


Gecko Switch is a light switch that can be placed anywhere you want.

It is also a dimmer and much more. You can set it like an alarm to schedule when it turns on and off. The bedroom light can be set to gradually brighten when waking you up. Or set it with a time delay when you turn it off.

With the Gecko Glue pad just like a sticky note, the Gecko Switch can be removed then stuck over and over without leaving any residue. If the Gecko Glue loses some of its sticking power, simply wash it with water and it regains its stickiness.

The LED lit icon on the switch elegantly shows what the Gecko Switch controls. There are many icons to select from. The light of the LED subtly tells you if it is switched on or off and where it is in the dark. No more groping for light switches.