Logitech Circle Camera



Logitech Circle is a portable home connection camera that brings the everyday magic of home life to your smartphone.



The Logitech Circle Camera helps you keep home safe and stay connected—all from your smartphone. Every Circle Camera system comes with AES encryption and free private 24-hour secure cloud storage* for your total peace of mind.

Protect & Connect in 60-sec

Use the free Logitech Circle Camera iOS and Android mobile apps to setup, check in, watch recaps, customize settings and more for as many cameras as you have.

Smart Alerts, not spam

Get instant mobile alerts when there’s important activity at home, like a door opening, not a fan blowing.

Free 24-hour Cloud Storage*

Replay your content for up to 24 hours from your secured, private cloud. Even if your camera is stolen, your data is safe.
*Additional c


Know when someone is checking in or when Logitech Circle Camera needs to be recharged.


See what’s happening in the dark up to 15 feet with 1080p HD video.


Move Circle off the charging ring (up to 12hrs) as needed to watch kids upstairs or downstairs.


Hear unexpected noises at home or tell your dog to get off the couch.


Keep an eye on any room from the wall or table with the magnetic mount and pivoting camera head and base.

Circle CameraFeature Summary

  • 60-second setup
    Use the free Logi Circle iOS and Android mobile apps to setup, check in, watch recaps, and customize settings. Connect as many cameras as you want.
  • Unlimited 1080p HD streaming
    See what’s happening at home at all times with unlimited, 1080p HD with a 135-degree wide-angle glass lens.
  • Night Vision
    See clearly in the dark up to 15 feet.
  • Free 24-hour secure cloud storage*
    Replay your content up to 24 hours from your private cloud— even if your camera is stolen your data is safe.*Additional cloud storage subscription options coming soon
  • Portable and rechargeable
    With up to 12 hours of battery life, move Logitech Circle Camera off the charging ring as needed to watch the kids play downstairs or upstairs.
  • Talk and Listen
    Built-in speaker and mic let you join the family dinner or listen if the new puppy is barking.
  • 30-second Timelapse
    Video See any or every moment in the last 24 hours of home in a 30-second video. It’s your Day Brief, created on demand.
  • Advanced Motion Filtering
    Logitech Circle Camera identifies important motion so you can scan and replay interesting clips and never miss what matters.
  • Smart alerts, not spam
    Get instant alerts to your mobile device when there’s important activity at home, like someone opening a door not a fan blowing.
  • Replay, download and share clips
    Capture important moments like baby’s first steps or a stranger at the door. Keep and share these clips directly from your phone.

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