Mipow PLAYBULB garden



PLAYBULB garden is a smart color LED solar garden light.



Mipow PLAYBULB garden adds shining colors and special lighting effects to your home garden. It is RGB color LED garden lighting. 1000mAh Internal Lithium-ion Battery.

With PLAYBULB X free App, you can change the lighting tone of your garden at one finger tap.

It is purely driven by solar power and therefore it’s just as GREEN as your garden!

PLAYBULB is intelligent, the built-in sensor detects the lighting condition and automatically turn on or off the Mipow PLAYBULB garden accordingly.

It turns on automatically when it gets dark while turns off when it is bright enough.

5 Special Lighting Effects

The latest version of PLAYBULB X supports 5 special lighting effects.
  • Pulsing Effect
    Flashing Effect
    Rainbow Effect
    Candle Light Effect
    Rainbow Fading Effect


PLAYBULB garden is light-weight design and therefore portable. Adding atmosphere and creating mood for your camping, outdoor party, picnic and barbecue takes no efforts. Plus it is solar-powered, no need to worry about the power supply.

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