Lighting has never been as much fun as this! And light has never been so individual, enriching and helpful. LIGHTIFY brings the future of lighting into your home and garden. Light controlled by a mobile app. Connected lighting that adapts at all times to your desires and lifestyle.



Experience a whole new world of light and be inspired by a new level of smart home technology that will support your every day activities, even when you are on the go. With OSRAM LIGHTIFY Surface Light TW you can personalize your home to your needs and at the same time you can have a better feeling of security.

Because with LIGHTIFY™ you can simulate your presence with light when you are not at home. Stay flexible and make use of your smart devices such as smartphones or tablet pcs. Control your light the way you want it with color or with simple and classic tunable white light. LIGHTIFY™ offers a wide variety of products for indoors as well as outdoors.

The Surface light is a super-flat and personalizable luminaire. The outer ring of the LED ceiling and wall luminaire is illuminated. This enables you to give the OSRAM LIGHTIFY Surface Light TW a personal light design at any time. Color and intensity of the lighting is set via smart phone or tablet PC. The interior of the luminaire can, for example, be individually designed with colored foils or a specular reflector.

Product benefits

  • Controllable via LIGHTIFY Switch and smart devices (via Android and iOS)
  • LED luminaire customizable front
  • LIGHTIFY system for individual configuration
  • Easy to install and use
  • Contains no mercury

Product features

  • Low profile LED ceiling and wall luminaire with wireless smart lighting function
  • Adjustable color temperature via Tunable White: 2,700…6,500 K
  • Dimmable via LIGHTIFY

Equipment / Accessories

  • LIGHTIFY APP required
  • LIGHTIFY Gateway  required

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