PicoBrew Pico – Brew your own fresh, personalized craft beer



A simple professional craft brewery for your home


Brew your own fresh, personalized craft beer using convenient, ready-to-brew PicoPak ingredient kits.

  • No beer is fresher than the one you just brewed. Pico delivers consistent, brewmaster quality beer every time.
  • Brew your favorite beers from award winning craft breweries around the world. Discover new breweries and beers on the BrewMarketplace.
  • Make perfect craft beer every time with the push of a button. Biodegradeable PicoPaks pre-package all the ingredients you need – making brewing and cleanup easy.
  • Tune any PicoPak more to your liking right on the Pico, or create a FreeStyle PicoPak for a fully custom brew.

Some opinions from us at Qioto:

If you are wondering what is a home brewing kit doing in Qioto, well it’s another innovative IoT product and it connects to the internet via Wi-Fi. Information is not yet available on what purpose it will serve, but we assume from previous PicoBrew products that the app will help users to track the brew process including remote diagnostics.


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