POP Home Switch – Smart home control for the whole family



Simple smart home control for the whole family: control multiple smart home devices wirelessly with one press of a switch.



Open your smart home to everyone with POP Home Switch

With POP home switch you can control smart lighting, music and more with a the push of a button. You can program each switch up to three custom commands to add creativity and convenience throughout your smart home.

Whether it’s movies, reading, party or sleep, POP makes it easy to match lighting with your lifestyle. Use the POP app to configure your favorite lights that you can see at the bottom.

Program POP to play also your favorite Sonos station and playlists, then add lighting to your mix to create the perfect mood from early morning or what about a late night rocking out.

Take the full potential and POP everything together. Create Recipe combinations to trigger multiple smart devices at once, like setting smart locks and night-lights before going to bed. Or, when combined with a Harmony hub-based remote, just push the button to start an activity like “Movie Night” – the TV, cable and stereo turn on and smart lights dim.

Because each switch is wireless and battery-powered, you can pop nearly anywhere. Mount one by the front door, keep one on your nightstand, or just carry one from room to room.

What does the Home Switch Starter Pack Contain?

  • Home Switch (x2, with battery)
  • Plug-in bridge
  • Mounting tape (x2)
  • User documentation

Some opinions from us at Qioto:

  • We simply love tactile buttons! I cannot stress that enough. Stick it where you need it, then just reach out and press it. No getting your phone out, unlocking, looking for the app, waiting for the app to load etc etc. (did you count how many steps?)
  • POP connects to it’s own bridge, or hub, via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), and you program everything on the dedicated iOS or Android app. Its the hub that sends the commands to the connected systems. For us this is a major drawback. You can read our opinion here.
  • We really like the products that integrate with the POP even at such an early stage. The fact that it works with SmartThings means that you can easily create some very useful scenarios. Anything that works with SmartThings can be controlled by a push of this button.
  • It’s useful that it works with IFTTT, but we have written a post on how slow and unreliable that can be.
  • Final word…the more physical buttons you add to your Smart Home, the better experience you will have, period.

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