Savant Remote + Host


Put your other remotes away. Start your Savant Home with this package and enjoy control of your entertainment and lighting from a single device.



Savant is the first professional custom install manufacturer to enter the smart home DIY space.

The Host connects to 3rd party devices over Wi-Fi, for a home automation experience. The Savant App walks you through the setup.

The Remote Base sends IR commands to your home entertainment devices like TV, home cinema receiver, Bluray player and set-top-boxes. It needs to be placed in line-of-sight to your devices.

If your devices are tucked away hidden in a closed cabinet, the Blaster can be placed in line-of-sight to send IR commands to them. The Blaster is wireless and works on AAA batteries. It talks to the Remote Base, so make sure it’s no more than 30 feet from it. Multiple Blasters can be used in case your devices are placed on multiple shelves.

Some key benefits of the Savant Remote:

  • Control over 380,000 entertainment devices.
  • High-resolution touchscreen shows you only the controls you need, eliminating the need for extra buttons.
  • Cue up a Sonos playlist and stream music to match any moment.
  • Your favourites faster. The Savant Remote gives you easy access to your favourite shows, and will even prioritise the channels you watch most.
  • Voice commands keep it simple. Just say “Food Network” or “Apple TV”.
  • Personalise your entertainment. Individual profiles give everyone in the family their own personal remote with everything they love a tap or voice command away.
  • Add Lamp Control to set the mood for movie night, then capture the scene and recall it anytime.
  • When it’s time to turn everything off at the end of the evening, simply press the microphone button and wish yourself a “Goodnight”.

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