SwitchBee – A Quick Switch to a Smart Home



 SwitchBee has developed a comprehensive end-to-end solution that gives you freedom of choice and flexibility in helping you to manage your home smartly. Products available for EU and US markets.

A broad range of products is available including light switches, external light switches, shades and sockets.



SwitchBee is an end-to-end platform that includes a central communications hub, end-use products, smartphone application and operations performed via a secure Cloud-based Server.

The technology uses state-of-the-art transceivers with an indoor one hundred meter range designed for condensed, built environments and an ability to operate through concrete walls. Outdoor ranges can reach up to 500 meters.

The switches are directly connected to existing electrical wiring and immediately start upon connection (and stay working even if the network is down).

When you plug into WiFi hub at home, all your devices are automatically connected, so you can control individually or in groups.
Each switch allows you to select custom preferences (including on/off, dimmer, multi-way switch etc)