TRIBY Smart Portable Speaker with Alexa Voice Service



Smart Portable Speaker with Alexa Voice Service

  • Triby features voice control with Amazon Alexa and is a smart portable speaker, Internet radio, hands-free speakerphone, and connected message board all rolled into one!
  • Use the Alexa Voice Service to play music, provide information, get the news, set alarms,control smart home devices, and more using just your voice. Just say the wake word “Alexa” and Triby responds instantly.
  • Preset Internet radio stations and Spotify playlists for one-button access.
  • Make calls over VoIP or with a paired smartphone from 15 feet away.
  • Draw and share doodles and texts from your smartphone to Triby’s alway-on display.
  • Stick Triby to the fridge with its magnetized back.
  • Enjoy up to 2 days of battery life. Charge with micro USB.

 Some opinions from us at Qioto:

All the power of the Amazon Echo, plus voice calls, bluetooth connection to take calls on your phone, sticky notes and better sound quality! We surely prefer this to Amazon Echo! So many compelling features which will make this a device you will use every day.

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