Umbrela Outlet – Day/Night camera, speker, motion sensor


Umbrela Outlet replaces conventional outlets, giving users more control as well as energy consumption information for all connected devices.



The beautiful touch screen system is packed with powerful technology that supports Umbrela Outlet’s incredible features. Umbrela includes day and night cameras, noise cancelling microphones, stereo speakers, motion and environmental sensors, multiple communication technologies – and so much more.

Umbrela replaces your switches and outlets with Smart Covers. These virtual switches can control any other switch in your home, like magic- acting as on/off switches, dimmers, or control presets.

The combination of Umbrela’s powerful smart lighting capability, combined with high fidelity stereo speakers and beautiful wall effect LEDs give you nearly endless possibilities to set the mood.

When it comes to security, Umbrela has many tricks up its sleeve. Using learning algorithms, Umbrela can simulate presence while you’re away- including turning on lights and music at certain intervals.

This serves as a powerful deterrent when it comes to potential break-ins. Umbrela also senses intrusions through its motion sensors, mics, and cameras- and responds by activating the alarm and lights.

Umbrela can even take photos and videos of intruders, and send notifications to your smartphone. Pre-emption, protection, and notification- Umbrela has you covered.

Umbrela Outlet constantly works to enhance your comfort by adjusting the environmental variables based on the real-time activity in the home.

Through built-in temperature and humidity sensors, and intelligent understanding of where you are in the home, Umbrela optimizes the environmental conditions and delivers significant energy savings.

Umbrela Outlet contains a myriad of features to help you manage your busy life, including powerful scheduling, reminders, and personal tracking. Sound or light based reminders can help manage your medication schedule, remind you about an upcoming family event, or build your grocery list (which you can do using your own voice!)

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