Voco V-PACK Pre-amp an audio and video receiver



Your new VOCO system can be setup in just minutes by simply plugging in a few devices and can be done completely wirelessly. No bridge needed, no hassles.



Voco V-PACK Pre-amp is a professional-level, commercial-grade audio and video receiver with additional audio and video inputs/outputs, discrete bottom slots for multiple mounting options, and a rugged superior metal casing for long term durability.

TCP/IP protocal allows for custom integration with other devices or systems, and the V-Pack’s small size takes up very little space in the standard rack.

The Voco V-PACK Pre-amp is configurable as a WiFi hotspot and has a built-in music server that automatically finds music when an iPod®, mp3, or USB hard drive is plugged into one of the two USB inputs.

Additionally, the V-PACK offers digital optical out, HDMI out, 3.5 mm component out, and 3.5 mm analog line out.

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