Vera VistaCam 1100 HD Weatherproof Outdoor



A versatile HD video outdoor camera that’s easy to setup and works reliably. Simple, one-cable hookup with standard Ethernet connection, camera is also powered by this cable; wireless Wi-Fi allows locating camera away from house. Built-in microphone, IR night illumination, and motion detection.

The Vera VistaCam 1100 HD Weatherproof Outdoor provides an elegant solution to all these requirements, delivering High Definition (720p) video for all outdoor surveillance applications.
The supplied Wireless PoE adapter that comes with this camera provides an elegant power and Wi-Fi solution. Getting power and connectivity to an outdoor camera can be tricky. Batteries are not practical, because cameras require more power than most other home security and home automation devices (and would require frequent changing).
Power over Ethernet (PoE) brings power to the camera over the same cable that connects it to the supplied Wi-Fi/PoE enabled power adapter. To install the camera, you plug this power adapter into any indoor outlet and run one single, standard Ethernet cable from the power adapter to the camera outside (Maximum cable length is about 300 feet. Third-party PoE extender products may make even longer cable runs possible).
Use the VistaCam 1100 Camera anywhere you need to keep tabs on what’s happening outside. Place it in your backyard to watch your kids while they’re playing. Place it at the entrance to your home or business to see who is knocking on the door.
Put one near the driveway to see when cars pull up. Or just put several around the perimeter of your home or small business to keep an eye on everything, especially at night when it’s dark thanks to built-in IR illumination.
Vera VistaCam 1100 HD Weatherproof Outdoor is the versatile camera, that connects and sets up easily and works 24/7 anywhere you need to keep an eye on the outdoors.

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