Vera3 Advanced Smart Controller



Vera3 is a smart controller you’ll never outgrow. It has the power and flexibility to run as many smart tasks and scenes as you can think of, and thanks to its extended range, you easily control things outside your house too, like patio lights, sprinkler systems, outdoor music systems, pool & spa controls…whatever you decide you want to make ‘smart’.



Vera3 Advanced Smart Controller has the power, range and expandability to become any kind of smart home system you want, and even many kinds at once.

Vera3 Advanced Smart Controller can be a security system that alerts you to activity and lets you see what’s going on at home, or a welcoming committee that lets people in when you’re not there to do it.

  • It can be an energy reduction system that cuts your monthly bills, and at the same time a comfort assistant that warms or cools your house to your preferences and habits.
  • It can tell you when the basement’s getting too damp before you’ve got a problem.
  • It can remember to turn the lights out when you go to bed, or leave some on when you’re away and forgot to.

Vera3 Advanced Smart Controller not only lets you control a world of hundreds of smart devices, but also gives you exceptionally fast wireless Internet throughout your house, for all the browsing and streaming that an active family needs.

In fact, Vera3 is powerful and flexible enough to run your small business, as well as the largest homes.

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