WigWag Filament LED



With the WigWag Filament Lighting Kit, you can create the perfect lighting for any mood or occasion, then control them from anywhere or make them automatic. The Filament is an energy-efficient smart LED light bulb that offers adjustable 3,000K to 6,000K true-white LED lighting, dimmable brightness, and controllable color (5 channel lighting – 2 White LEDs, 3 RGB LEDs).



WigWag Filament LED with 64 million colors and cool to warm whites, you can wake up gradually, increase your workday focus, or create a relaxing evening colorscape. Turn them on and off with your current light switches, control them individually or in groups using the free WigWag mobile app on your smartphone or tablet (iOS and Android), or set them to respond automatically using the included WigWag Filament LED Rule Builder web application.

Included in the Filament Lighting Kit, the WigWag Relay lets you add intelligence to your home or business making your smart devices more secure, manageable, and automatic. Combine Filament bulbs with other brands of connected devices like Philips Hue™, Belkin WeMo™, LIFX™, OSRAM, GE, Connected by TCP™, and more to come (Current WigWag Compatibility List). The WigWag Filament LED Relay lets you combine different brands and protocols and control them all through one app– whenever, wherever.

The Relay ships with built-in ZigBee HA®, Z-Wave® and 6lowPAN (802.15.4) compatibility. Since the Relay’s software and hardware is upgradeable, in the future, you will be able to add native compatibility with additional protocols such as Insteon®, BlueTooth® and more. The Relay can control Philips Hue lighting using the Philips Hue Hub and many WiFi products through your router.

Concerned about privacy and security? The Filament Lighting Kit uses a simple, secure onboarding process and 128-Bit rolling encryption. Each Filament has a unique encryption code, that rolls every 4 hours. It’s like having a locksmith change your door locks 6 times a day. Light years more secure than those WiFi bulbs.

The Filament Lighting Kit also safeguards your privacy by keeping your data local versus in the cloud. Unlike other hub-based and cloud-centric products, the WigWag Relay maintains local control of your devices even if your Internet connection goes down. Additionally, the Filament bulbs form a mesh network, so they are respond quickly and you won’t lose control due to WiFi dead spots.

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