Vera Z-Wave Glass-Plated Thermostat



The Evolve EV-T-100R Smart Thermostat combines an elegant and durable Glass Plated finish with advanced Z-Wave wireless digital thermostat functionality. Save energy and money without sacrificing comfort or decor. Warm or cool the house just before you arrive, eliminating waste. Reduce energy use while you’re asleep.



The T-100R  Vera Z-Wave Glass-Plated Thermostat is designed to control the majority of HVAC systems. It works with Z-Wave controllers, including all Vera controllers. Program it via the 7-day 4-event timer.

Download the free weather plug-in and Vera can control your indoor climate based on outdoor climate (with a Vera controller). Supports up to 2 indoor remote sensors (and can average the readings).


  • Graphical LCD with backlight
  • Heating and Cooling Set point display
  • System Mode (Off, Auto, Heat, Cool)
  • Fan Mode display and control (Auto, On)
  • On-screen setup of HVAC Type, Fan Type, Changeover type for HP systems, F/C mode and sensor calibration
  • 4 x 7 day programmable schedule, multiple schedules
  • Fan Cycler feature

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